ATTENDEE Attendance and progress Management

The attendance management system (AMS) offered by us is the ultimate software for universities to manage the attendance of the students. Not only does the software record attendance but also creates a report of the progress of each student. It is a system through which the teachers can mark the attendance in the classroom without the use of attendance register. Here the attendance register is replaced by smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

It has an easy to use interface and is extremely accurate. It helps in keeping a track of the attendance and leaves taken by the students. It accurately records students’ attendance. The updated attendance can be accessed students, parents, faculty, councillors and teachers instantaneously through SMS and web.

In case the students are absent, an optional SMS can be immediately sent to the parents. This feature helps in safeguarding the interests of the students. The software also rules out reports for eligibility, shortage of attendance and absentees. Co-curricular attendance and leave can also be entered.

It also records progress of the students from time to time. This feature helps parents know how their children are doing in school.

The above software can also be used in corporates and business organisations wherein employee team and attendance can be recorded.

  • Students attendance on hourly , daily , weekly or monthly as SMS, email and WEB to parents
  • Students marks, grades and progress as SMS, email and WEB to parents
  • Students consolidated information on a dash board to principal with provisions for comments
  • Provision for parents to view attendance and marks
  • Easy circulation of notices (Eg: Fees Collection)
  • Reduces paper work, time and saves money
  • Provides digital data
  • Free Training
  • Free Implementation
  • Unlimited free SMS and emails
  • Better interaction with parents
  • Easy to generate reports