E-VAL Faculty Evaluation

In any educational institution there is a large faculty present. To increase effectiveness it is important to conduct faculty or teacher evaluation. We present to you software that helps students evaluate teacher performance. The software is easy to use and supports both qualitative as well as quantitative methods of evaluation. Feedback in any educational institution is a must. The teachers, principal and faculty are the ones who guide the students to successful future. Teacher evaluation should be made compulsory for students at all levels.

It is always good to know how well the teachers are able to teach, who else can give a better evaluation than the students themselves. Teachers’ evaluation module provides a platform for students to evaluate the teachers on a set of predefined questions or as per the question provided by school. The result is provided in a graphical representation. The student remains anonymous from the start to the end of this module.

Iolite Technologies has hence introduced a simple and easy way to perform this.

How the software works?
  • An administrator will login through Iolite Software and assign the questioners to a batch.
  • The batch of students gets registered with the software and can view the question and rate accordingly.
  • Administrator will then fetch reports as per the required parameters.