Educational Institution
Management Solutions

Educational Institution Management Solutions

We have developed an integrated solution for educational institutions. The software is incorporated with latest multilingual ERP technology. The solution has been implemented by prominent and reputed universities.

Since it is integrated and user-friendly software, it helps institutions get detailed and summarized information on administrative and academic activities. The information of the module can be accessed by the organisational hierarchy and students, parents and teachers. EIMS is the best software for universities, management schools, autonomous college and engineering colleges. The information entered in the EIMS is stored in a centralised server where it can be accessed by parents and faculty.

The software has the following modules:
  • Fee account status
  • Attendance status
  • Exam result status
  • Home assignments
  • Test schedules and syllabus
  • Time table
  • Holidays
  • Alumni details

The details recorded can be shared with the parents through SMS. The feature is optional. It is the easiest, effective and fastest way to access student information. Also, it improves the overall quality of education of the institution.

  • User-friendly application and interface
  • Customised and configurable
  • In-built modules and settings
  • Brings information to the user's desktop through integration across all modules
  • Increases quality and effectiveness of education
  • Ultimate coordination system between student-teacher-parent
  • Pre-defined reports
  • Optional SMS feature