O-APP Online Application Management System

We have integrated special software for universities wherein they can efficiently handle the admissions procedure. During the admission season, every university has to deal with data of many students. It becomes very difficult to manage all of these. Sometimes it can even lead to a good student not being selected due to inefficient management of data.

Thus, we at Iolite present to you an online application management system. The software organizes, automates, and integrates information making for a more effective office and allowing faculty to spend more time having quality interactions with students. The entire admission procedure is online. The students can submit their application online, check the status of their application and also go through the entire selection procedure. Every university has different quotas such as state they belong, income, education and religion. The software also has with payment gateway integration for application fee collection.

  • Creates a strong impression on prospective students
  • Convenient and easy for students
  • No more standing in long queues
  • Real time knowledge of students’ pipeline
  • Applicants can review the status of their application
  • Analyse admission statistics
  • Easy to pay application fees online
  • Improves accuracy of data received
  • When the application is accepted online, a student record is automatically created