K-PRO EXAM Examination Management System for Universities

Most universities face problems such as question paper leakage, tampered certificates, miscalculation of result and rescheduling of examination. To combat this problem, Iolite presents to you an examination management system that will streamline the above problems and help you achieve examination automation. It is a web-based tool which enables question papers to be set by teachers and subject experts. Once the question paper is set, it is encrypted and then sent to remote examination centres. Then the authorised person decrypts the same and prints the papers. It is a secure and fool proof software.

It is a unique software solution for management of university examinations. The system has various modules such as examination being conducted, candidate information, examination centre details, fee details and invigilator details. Another module of the examination management system is paper correction. This is done once the student have given the examination.

This module is the most elaborate module, which contains examination patterns for every type of institution, ranging from different formats of schools to most complex universities. This module provides features like barcoded names on answer sheets to keep the student details anonymous from the teachers during the valuation of papers. This will help in unbiased correction for every student.

  • Safe and secure way to take examinations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Encryption prevents tampering
  • Incorporated with latest technology
  • Facilitates easy valuation of exam papers